Happiness within Yourself

Suvash Acharya

Several mileages of people for wealth
Countless sufferance for happiness
Galloping pace of life for accumulation
Are no more different than
A running thirsty deer 🦌 for water;
All this is full of illusions
It’s entirely a mirage.
Look!! Your happiness is within yourself !

Eager to leave own land for better wellbeing
Migrate from own land for joyfulness
Leaving belongings for utmost happiness
Are no more different than
A running mesmerised deer 🦌 for musk;
All this is full of delusion
It’s entirely a mirage
Sink!! Your joyfulness is within yourself !!

Buddha couldn’t be happy in a palace, nor with a lavish life, powers and honors!!
Eventually he discovered the happiest person by diving into himself !!