‘Gurkha Warrior’ Historical Epic Set to Hit Screens on February 23

Kathmandu, January 28

The much anticipated historical film ‘Gurkha Warrior’ is scheduled to hit local theatres on February 23.

The movie has released its trailer in Nepali version amid a programme held at Bishwojyoti Cineplex in Kathmandu on Thursday. The trailer was  released on the OSR Digital YouTube channel.

Directed by Milan Chams, the 2-minute and 22-second trailer portrays the struggles and hardships faced by Gurkha soldiers during the Malayan War.

The film brings the valiant stories of the Gorkhali forces’ who were involved in the Malayan War during the World War II. It also highlights the difficulties Gorkhali forces encountered during that tumultuous time.

During the event, director Chams said, “There are numerous untold stories of the battles fought by the Gorkhali soldiers in the First and Second World Wars. As these stories are gradually fading away, we have chosen to portray the narrative of the Malayan War in this movie.”

Actor Ritesh Chams, making his debut in the film, shared that after about eight years of preparation, he entered the role of an actor.

Given his background as a Gurkha soldier, he found it somewhat easier to authentically portray the character of a Gorkhali soldier in the film.

Even before its official release, ‘Gurkha Warrior’ has gained immense popularity, having had a historic red carpet premiere in the UK.

The film has garnered international attention, especially after being nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award.

The film is multilingual, being produced in Nepali, Hindi, English, and Korean languages.  While the Nepali version is ready for release, the production of the Hindi, Korean, and English versions is in its final stage, informed in the programme.

Along with Ritesh Chams, Vijay Lama, Rebika Gurung, Shishir Wangdel, Kabita Ale, Birup Ghale and Sara Rai have done the film.

The film is co-written by director Milan Chams and Giriraj Ghimire. Rabindra Neupane and  Babu Shreshta  are the cinematographers Milan Shrestha editor of the film.

The Hindi version features a song sung by Indian singer Saan.

Presented by London Cine Eye Production & Chams Entertainment, the film is produced by Suman Rai and Sushmita Waiba, with Prashant Thapa and Rajendra Ghimire as executive producers.