Green Poetry Reading Held in Kirateshower Jungle on World Environment Day

Kathmandu, June 5 – On the occasion of  World Environment Day, Sabdankur and Wartan Kabita Samuha jointly organized a Green Poetry Reading amidst the lush greenery of Kirateshower Jungle.

Poets including Bhisma Upreti, Roshan Sherchan, Dhir Kumar Shrestha, Divya Giri, Radhika Kalpit, Ram Gopal Aashutosh, Rami Priya, Bishwa Sigdel, Sanjay Suman, Chandra Bahadur Lama, Shailendra Prasad Sigdel, Shree Ram Dahal, Purusottam Ghimire, Premila Rai, Manoj Neupane, and Binisha Sapkota recited their works, accompanied by the melodious flute of Bimal Karki.

The poems addressed pressing environmental issues, raised awareness about nature and the ecosystem, and critiqued human negligence and the lack of action by authorities, while also proposing solutions.

Rami Priya from Wartan Kabita Samuha emphasized that their group, composed of passionate young poets, regularly organizes poetry readings on critical national and global issues. The event also featured a tree-planting ceremony, symbolizing their commitment to environmental conservation.