Grand Preparation

Rezauddin Stalin

Preparation is underway to write another one  thousand magnificent poems,
And there is a plan to build one thousand pyramids.
The books that are yet to be written have finalized their print order.
The jail doors are open so that the inmates can go in and out at their wish,
The library doors are shut so that no one can leave without going through the great world books.
The banks have lost all of their necessities.
Now everybody will have their currency-printing machine at home.
Songs of metallic nightingale will be heard at the main entrance of every house.
The state will provide death-proof vests,
This civilization has built  after a million years of hard labour of the Homosapiens,.
Now they will sleep in a twerking and feel dizzy with excitement.
Robots and their progeny will work,
Poetry and stories will be written by the poets of Artificial Intelligence
The human race will just see, laugh, and kiss;
They will not go down to the river,
They will not climb trees,
Will not go for fishing,
Will not ascend to the mountains,
Will not even wait on the street.
Alien Eagle will carry them to the destination using their beaks.
There will be an escalator between the celestial space and the earth.
The ‘Apsaras’ of heaven will begin their journey on the earth.
It will appear to be more than a dream or love,
But there is no insurrection
No divine sin exists.
This accomplished life will mingle with another world.

-Translated from Bengali by Tuwa Noor

(Rezauddin Stalin is a famous Bangladeshi poet and media personality. Born in 1962 in Nalbhanga village of Greater Jessore district, Bangladesh, he has received many national and international awards including Bangla Academy Literary Award. His poems have been translated into 42 languages ​​of the world. His thoughts on various issues could be read in various media platforms.)