Good Night to You!

Shobha Dhungana

Early in the morning as opened my eyes
I was in fear and about to cry
As you were missing out my heart
Terrible was dream I cannot deny.

My whole day spent thinking of you
Dark bacame day that couldn’t be blue
Poor pigeon failed giving me clue
My dry lips waited just for you.

Sun hid himself filling in pale
I could hardly my breath inhale
Birds were heading to their jails
I feel my life was getting derailed.

All of sudden there flashed a light
Gloom in all sides turned into bright
And was pleased to get your sight
Hope now things will be allright.

I ‘ll sleep and you too
In the deep dreams we will fall into
We may meet there for our delight
You sleep, I wish you a very good night!

June  21,  2024