God Confounded

Santosh Kumar Pokharel
(For all the Devouts)
I was born from my mother’s womb.
To which creator shall I succumb?
My mother for sure, or You?
I still deliberate on this issue.
This question was also to my mom.
I asked her who she came from.
She just nodded for a while,
And hinted toward my grandmom.
How then come God in between?
Whom I had never before seen.
The more I grew, the closer he came,
And in oblivion, my mother became.
I was told that Grandma had her God,
My mom too had got one.
Probably Gods were different then,
Or how for one God that much long to remain?
When I tried to catch him, he sneaked,
My innocence, he tricked.
I have scolded him several times,
But see, he still helps make my rhymes.