GFNL Observes 9th Environment Literature Conference on World Environment Day

The Global Federation for Nepali Literature (GFNL) observed its 9th Environment Literature Conference on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5. The conference, conducted virtually via Zoom, was attended by more than four dozen writers who presented their poems, short stories, haikus, and songs on the environment.

Renowned playwright, novelist, and former Chancellor of the Nepal Academy of Music and Arts, Saru Bhakta, attended the conference as the chief guest. Recalling his poetry journey for environmental protection, Saru Bhakta remarked, “Humans were already concerned about the Earth in the Vedic era, so the current global environmental concerns are not new, although environmental problems are.”

Critic and litterateur Prof. Dr. Govindraj Bhattarai graced the event as the special guest. In his brief address, he mentioned that he wrote a chapter on eco-criticism in his book “Uttaradhunik Bimarsha” (Postmodern Discourses) and stated that it is now time for writers to engage in eco-writing.Additionally, he explained the concept of environmental literature by discussing its integration with subjects such as sociology, politics, ecology, biology, forestry, economics, and climate change.

The keynote speaker of the program, Reena Chaudhary, an officer at National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority, highlighted the overall environmental condition of Nepal. She informed the audience that the government is fully prepared to manage any kind of disaster that may occur during the monsoon season, such as floods and landslides. Chaudhary also pointed out that most wildfires in Nepal are caused by human activities and expressed her concerns over the lack of resources and means available to the government for their control.

The winners of the ‘Environmental Poetry 2080,’ organized by SahityaPost, were also announced during the event.