From the Country of Shakespeare

Rudra Adhikari

Dear Mom !
I trust you are well,

I am writing from the country of Shakespeare,
I, you and everybody thought Shakespeare was born in ultra modern place,
Yes ! he born in Britain,
Once revered as “The Empire on which the sun never sets”
Yes ! Britain controlled 25 per cent of the earth landmass,
There were always daylight in one of its territories and night in other,

But, mom! I came to know,
Shakespeare was born in small village- Stratford-upon-Avon,
A house with centre porch,
Yes mom! I came to know,
We don’t have to born in big mansion house, town and from rich family,
Even born in hut, we can be a great and good human being,

Yes mom! I came to know,
Nepali version of Shakespeare & Wordsworth were also born in Nepal,
Only differences is country of Shakespeare recognised him,
recognised William Wordsworth,
But, in our nation Shakespeares are still unrecognised.

(Rudra Adhikari is from Itahari-19, Sunsari. Currently, he lives in London, UK.)