Friendship to Motherhood 

Dharanidhar Adhikari
In the land where maples stand, beneath the wide and starry sky,
Lives a soul with gentle hands, a heart that hears a silent cry.
Not by blood, yet kin by deed, in her warmth, a home I find,
A Canadian Mom in name and deed, whose light in darkness shines.

From the bustling city streets to the quiet, snowy lanes,
She drives with care, with love she greets, easing life’s many pains.
When the world seemed vast and cold, and paths too hard to roam,
She stood by me, bold and gold, made her heart my home.

With every turn and every mile, her kindness like a beacon shines,
Turning worries into smiles, with gestures sweet and fine.
Not for gold nor fleeting fame, but from a well of love so deep,
She helps, expecting nothing in return, her kindness mine to keep.

She ferried me through life’s tests, through times of joy and operation’s fears,
A guiding star, north by west, through my hopes and through my tears.
Her wheels of grace, a chariot, in times when shadows loomed,
She, a light, a caring spirit, where flowers of gratitude bloomed.

Oh, Canadian Mom, in you I see, the vast and tender northern skies,
Your selfless love, a boundless sea, in which my thankful heart lies.
Not just in words, but in my soul, your deeds a melody compose,
A symphony of selfless roles, a bond that ever grows.

May the maples whisper your name, in the breeze that gently flows,
And in the aurora’s vibrant flame, may your kindness ever glow.
For all you’ve done, this poem I pen, a tribute to your care,
My Canadian Mom, now and then, an answer to my prayer.