Formulas of Success

Rudra Adhikari

People have lots of problems in their life. If we can identify these problems on time, it can be deal in a better way. When we look around, we can find health, finance, relationship, friendship, work related issues, career, failure, fear, negativity, stress, uncertainty and loneliness as most common problem in our life. If there are formulas to solve these problems, everybody can achieve some short of success in their life. Living successful life is neither easy nor difficult. This can be manageable.

Do you really want to be successful? If your answer is yes, keep reading this article.

In mathematics, formulas are facts or rules which connect two or more variables. Formulas are conscious way of expressing information logically and symbolically. Most of the mathematical problems can easily be solved by applying formulas. Life is not mathematic and we don’t have such formulas of medicinal drugs to solve our all problems. There are some formulas of success by which we can manage our life in a greater way.

Many motivational speakers have presented “Never Give Up” as a success formula but I have disagreements with it. I believe that this statement is partially truth. We only can achieve our goal using “Never Give Up” strategy if we have potentiality, ability, relevant knowledge, attitude and skills. You can question me, knowledge can be learned, attitude can be developed and skill can be gained then why not “never give up” can’t lead to success? Yes! some extend we can but to summit Everest of success you must have to identify your strength on that particular task or sector. Everybody can’t get success in every field. We only can get success in certain field. Therefore, SWOT analysis strategy created by Albert Humphrey is very important not only for big company but also for personal success. Strength, weakness, opportunity and threats are also known as SWOT Matrix, play vital role to success.

In one hand, some people believe in luck on the other hand some people believe in ability or strength. Luck and ability are just a beginning to success. Strong determination, hard or smart work and action are the key elements to success.

Once Albert Einstein was asked, “If you have one hour to save the world, how would you spend that hour?” He replied” I would spend 55 minutes to making a plan or defining problem and then five minutes to do action or solving it”

By taking reference of this statement, we can draw the conclusion that planning or problem solving is important then action. In every action planning and generating ideas plays crucial roles but ideas without action is like fish without water. Some of us have millions dollars ideas but it won’t get them anywhere. Ideas are considered as the blueprint of creativity and innovation. Action is needed to convert this blueprint to reality.

It is said that “success is not an accident , it is the result of long term plan & action.” Action has power to link between Vision, mission, goal and objectives because it has transformative nature. We accomplish our goal by using Ideas , plan and action so these are main parameters to success.

In conclusion, there are no any formulas of success. Secret formulas of success are not secrets anymore. As discussed above health, finance, relationship, friendship, work related issues, career, failure, fear, negativity, stress,  uncertainty and loneliness are most common problems of human beings but these are not only problems. Everyone has unique problem and unique solutions. To achieve success in life we need to identify problems, need to set goal with positive attitude, need to take calculated risk and most importantly need to take action. We can consider idea + (Plus) plan+(plus) action is =(equal to) success.