Find the Warmth in a Real Embrace!

Dharanidhar Adhikari

In a world where screens light our faces,
Where likes and shares fill empty spaces,
We drift apart, though close we seem,
Lost in a digital daydream.

Beyond the glow, real hearts beat,
Waiting for a moment, sweet,
To connect, to feel, to truly see,
Beyond the veil of virtuality.

Let’s put aside our glowing screens,
And discover what true connection means,
through a message, snap, or tweet,
But through the moments, small and sweet.

Talk, laugh, and share a glance,
Give real-life moments a fighting chance,
For love is more than texts exchanged,
It’s in the whispers, the touches, the range.

So next time you’re with your loved one near,
Remember what truly brought you here,
Not the pings of a distant online chat,
But the love that blooms where you both sat.

Turn off the phone, close the app,
Find the warmth in a real embrace, perhaps,
For in the end, it’s not about being correct,
But about choosing to connect to respect.

So let this poem be a gentle nudge,
To quit the scroll, the like, the judge,
And find the beauty in the now,
Together, let’s make this solemn vow.