Final Shortlist Revealed: Sahityapost Uttam Kavya Puraskar 2080

Sahityapost has announced the final shortlist of three books for the ‘Sahityapost Uttam Kavya Puraskar 2080’. This award is presented to debut authors who entered Nepali literature through poetry by publishing their works within a given year. The three shortlisted works and their authors for the ‘Sahityapost Uttam Kavya Puraskar 2080’ include Devavrat’s Ashwatthama Ko Nidhar bata Bagmati Bagchha, Sushila Khadka Hasina’s Pahiro Vitrako Gham, and Prakash Ramghali’s Saanjhko Sangat.

Before announcing the final shortlist, Sahityapost had announced a longlist of 11 works, followed by a shortlist of 5 in the first and second rounds, respectively. A total of 28 books were received from debut authors whose woks were published within the year 2080.

One outstanding work from the three shortlisted debut poetry collections will be awarded a cash prize of 50,000 rupees along with a certificate of honor.

Chief editor of Sahityapost, Ashwini Koirala, said that the winner of the ‘Sahityapost Uttam Kavya Puraskar 2080’ will be declared during a special ceremony to be held on June 29 (Ashadha 15), also celebrating National Paddy Day/Dhan Diwas. Prizes and certificates will also be distributed on the same day, Koirala informed. The award ceremony is scheduled to begin at 2 PM at Apex Business Hotel on Saturday, located opposite to Tribhuvan International Airport.

The ‘Sahityapost Uttam Kavya Award’ is sponsored by the popular lyricist and poet Uttam Bhaukaji. Poet Bhaukaji, who has made significant professional progress in education and health, has dozens of popular songs to his credit.

“The main purpose of the award is to reward new writers. And this idea is what I liked the most. Frequent discussions and recognitions of the works of our new writers not only provide them with energy but also increase their sense of responsibility,” says Bhaukaji. “I have sponsored this award with the hope that our innovative and excellent works with Nepali essence will enrich Nepali literature further,” he added.

Final Shortlist

1. Ashwatthama Ko Nidhar bata Bagmati Bagchha

A powerful young poet of recent times, Devavrat, has released a poetry collection titled Ashwatthama Ko Nidhar bata Bagmati Bagchha. Devavrat excels in amplifying the voices of the marginalized, exploring life and the world, and crafting poetry with ideological artistry. His poetry is characterized by the abundant use of imagery and symbolism and a distinctive sense of novelty. This poetry collection has been published by Indigo Ink and includes a compilation of 38 poems.

2. Pahiro Vitrako Gham (The Sun Inside the Landslide)

Debuting in Nepali literature with Pahiro Vitrako Gham , poet Sushila Khadka has focused on the prevalent corrupt mentality and the inhumane behavior people exhibit towards one another in contemporary society in her poetry. The depiction of various social behaviors, the dual nature of people, and social anomalies are characteristic features of Hasina’s poems. Published by Page Turner, the book contains a collection of 55 poems.

3. Sanjhko Sangat (Evening’s Company)

The poetry collection Sanjhko Sangat by influential contemporary poet Prakash Ramghali captures the unique experiences of his time in a lyrical poetic form. Having spent significant years in military service, his poems delve deeper into human emotions rather than focusing solely on war and conflict. Ramghali presents the complex feelings of a soldier through innovative dimensions in his poetry. The book has been published by Eternal Publication Pvt. Ltd. and comprises 44 poems of brief length.