Film Development Board Begins Discussions on New Film Act

In order to amend and unify law related to films, the Film Development Board (FDB) has discussed with its stakeholders inviting necessary opinions and suggestions upon the draft bill.

The draft bill was released approximately three months before.

During the discussions, Bhuwan KC, the executive chairman of the board, emphasised the film industry’s longstanding efforts to pass a new film act.

He expressed the urgency of achieving consensus among all stakeholders to benefit Nepal’s national cinema.

KC also highlighted that the draft aimed to safeguard the rights and interests of the film industry, incorporating numerous suggestions and requiring some amendments. He mentioned the positive stance of the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, ensuring the bill’s passage within their tenure.

Bishal Sapkota, the board’s member secretary and deputy secretary of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology acknowledged the potential need for more debates to craft an outstanding law, assuring that the ministry is prepared to pass the bill.

Emphasizing the need for the new law to align with the latest technological advancements and global influences on filmmaking, KL Budhathoki, the board’s spokesperson also expected the law  that would promote nationality, language, culture, and tourism as well as the freedom of expression and creativity globally.

During the discussin, it was proposed that the law should encompass not only the production, distribution and exhibition aspects but the entire film industry.

Furthermore, suggestions were made to modify the board’s structure, have a majority of film experts on the board, cease political appointments of members, establish provincial censor boards for films released provincially, and create an environment conducive to foreign filmmakers producing films in Nepal.

Additionally, recommendations were put forth that when importing foreign films into Nepal, all processes should be handled by the board itself, and the government’s investment in art and culture should be transparent.

Actor and producer Deepak Raj Giri emphasised that the Act should strive to grant equal rights to everyone while being cautious to minimise complaints.

Mohan Niraula, President of the Film Artists Association, expressed that if the draft of the bill was passed without alterations, it would be beneficial for the Nepali film industry.