Fellow Feeling

Kishan Paudel

Whilst Daya Ram was live, he got no one’s collaboration and along. He was neither tried to grasp by his society nor by his hearth.

Fighting with the deprivations and illness, he, all of a sudden slipped into the another world. Relatives started gathering there remotely. Friends photographed his terrestrial bulk and exposed sympathy in social media giving heart-felt tribute and posted.

Friends and relatives were sitting beside the dead body with amort. It was eyed all were looking gloomy by feeling in their face-lift. Then his dead body was taken to the crematory ground for funerals. People thronged there. They were Panegyrising the gentleness of Daya Ram.

In the fullness of time, his sublunar body was put on the pyre and mouthfired. According to formal rites, his head was hit three times by stick. Same feeling of compassion was heard in every one’s mouth.

Days Ram was an exemplary man. He was one of the millions.

(Translate from Nepali by Dr.Bishnu Bhandari )