Engr. Atmakrishna Shrestha Establishes Library Building in Dolakha

In a remarkable display of generosity and community spirit, Engr. Atmakrishna Shrestha has established a new library building in Bhimeshwar Municipality-2, Dolakha Bazaar. Shrestha provided both the land and 1.5 million rupees needed for the construction of the library building.

The newly erected building is designed to offer library service equipped with modern technology. With the completion of the building construction, the building has been handed over to Bhimeshwar Municipality- 2 for its management and regulation.

Following the devastation caused by the earthquake of 2072, the district’s largest library known as Bhim Library has now found revival with its newly constructed building.

Rupa Foundation, an organization founded in the memory of late Mrs. Rupa Shrestha where Engr. Shrestha serves as an advisor, also launched Rupa Memorial Library at Charikot-based Gaurishankar Multiple Campus.

Similarly, the foundation has also established Gaurishankar Community Library in the main city of Charikot under Shrestha’s effort. Anil Chandra Shrestha, Secretary of Rupa Foundation, stated that various activities have been carried out by Rupa Foundation in education and social sectors.