Echoes of Innocence

Suman Bhattarai

In the hospital bed, as my son first drew breath,
Nostalgia gripped me, for birth I’d never witnessed.
Each moment a flash, heart panicked with dread,
Yet through it all, I felt like my receptors fed.

In the stillness of anticipation, I awaited,
As nature’s force and divine blessings abated.
And then, in a whisper, a cry filled the air,
As life emerged, a pale blue diamond rare.

For a minute, it felt like a thousand years,
As he gasped for air, amidst silent fears.
But then, a nurse’s touch, a suction’s aid,
And in that moment, joy’s serenade played.

His cries echoed, a celebration of life,
Yet in his dreams, there’s turmoil and strife.
Is he a product, of social media’s sway?
Or a victim, of our fast-paced day?

Innocent and pure, his heart yearns for love,
Amidst chaos, he seeks solace from above.
Each night, his screams pierce the dark,
While in daylight, he bears a silent mark.

His mind consumed, by virtual realms untold,
As dopamine rushes, leaving him cold.
But amidst this storm, a parent’s plea,
To bring back the love, the care, the glee.

For children crave, more than material gain,
They seek love’s embrace, amidst life’s strain.
In hugs and cuddles, their souls find ease,
Away from screens, under family trees.

So let us shield, our children’s minds,
From virtual worlds, where peace unwinds.
And guide them back, to nature’s grace,
Where true happiness, finds its place.

Let them learn, from ancient lore,
The wisdom of ages, forevermore.
To find within, their truest self,
In moments of presence, of spiritual wealth.

For in the end, what truly matters most,
Is not the riches, nor the boast,
But the love we share, the joy we find,
In simple moments, of heart and mind.

(Currently residing in the UK, poet Bhattrai is from Bartung of Palpa district)