Donkey Ride

Jernail S. Aanand 
All who landed here
Had consuming passion
To reach Heaven
But not all of them
Were holding valid documents
So, they were waylaid by some businessmen
Who ran agencies to take them
By ferries up to Fantasia
And then through jungles
Escort them to Heaven.
The jungle often held temptations
And it was the wish of the
To keep them lost
In the gloss and glitter
The jungle offered a hundred distractions,
And soon, the ferriers would
Lose their wish for Heaven
And prefer to stay put
With the donkey ride
The ride has become very popular
Even if people have valid papers,
They prefer to use the
Ferry to Fantasia
And go the donkey way.
[Dr. Jernail Singh Anand is Founder Chairperson of the International Academy of Ethics. He is  an Honorary  Member of the Association of Serbian Writers, Belgrade  He is Prof Emeritus in Indian Literature at The European Institute of the Roman Studies and Research, Belgrade.  Dr. Anand has authored more than 150 books in English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, spirituality and philosophy. He is credited with the theory of Bio-text in critical theory. His work has been translated into more than twenty world languages. Author of 9 epics which are regarded as modern classics, Anand has organized 4 International Literary Conferences, latest of them,  in Chandigarh. He was conferred Cross of jiPeace  Cross of literature, Franz Kafka Laureateship 2022 and International Aco Karamanov Poetry Award 2022 (Mecedonia), to mention a few of them.]