‘Do; not just Think

Ambika Aryal

Dreams like the mountain
Frolics like a fountain
Spreading everywhere
But no one acts loyal

A man without humanity
Talks always of human quality
How beautiful is our country
But leaders, a mere laundry

Load of loan suppresses the citizens
Big hearts moan for lack of vision
Who doesn’t want delightful life
But what people get is a mere knife!

Fish fish frog..we play everyday
Getting frog not fish at bay
Lizard-like color, a silent killer
Looks like our country’s pillar

Monkey, donkey litter the chair
Neither rule nor justice is fair
Talkative tongues chatter here
Wisdom is ruined by their spear

Neither tremble not be a coward
Play your role as honesty’s guard
Awake to uproot corruption
Live and give life to the nation

Not just bark like a dog
Not just sleep like a log
Our life can end in a blink
Do actively;  not just think.