Bobita Rai

It grows in twisted cluster  entangling your soul –
Pulls you into extreme loneliness,
Crowd peeves you
You smile but churn inside in knots.
Weep and feel parched
eat and throw up,
bloat and feel guilty.
Sanity  is robbed by bewildering thoughts
and you struggle to fall asleep,
|with no desire to awaken .
You feel darkness looming overhead
like a snarling monster,
waiting to swallow you alive
you heave a sigh as if  it’s the final breath of life.
Is doomsday lurking in a secret corner ? taunted and trapped unaware,
Suffocation strangulates you
advice irritates you
vacuousness invades you
you live in denial of the mess
that’s how depression pounced on you
Will you be honest not to deny?
The sniggering reflection in the mirror
is not your reality,
discard the darkened lens ,
hands are stretching to pull you
Will you extend yours to untangle?
Believe me when I say
There is no shame , not at all!


#depression is real#talk about it
#uproot depression


Bobita Rai based in Dimapur, Nagaland is an English poet. She is a conscious and perceptive observer of human life and believes poetry to be a cognitive portal that challenges one to delve deeper into suppressed ideas, muted thoughts, numbed emotions and hence reflect our priceless existence. She is the author of the poetry book “mirrors” Which was published in Dec 2022.