Chayadevi Chetanath Puraskar to ‘Boi’ and ‘Muffler’

Kathmandu, October 31

Gazal artists Basanta Oli  ‘ Basanti’ and Pradip Rodan are to be honored with Chayadevi Chetanath Gazal Puraskar. Basanti’s gazal collection titled ‘Boi’ will be conferred with Chayadevi Chetanath Puraskar 2078 while the award for the year 2079 will be presented to Pradip Rodan for his gazal collection ‘Muffler’.

Both the artists have been active in Nepali gazal since a long time and are well received by the public.

The award, established five years ago by litterateur J. Sagar after his parent’s name, is presented every year to the best gazal anthology published in a given year. The award price is 10,000 rupees.