Change in Ethics

Dilip Rakshit

Time trailing with different features
that change from time to time,
with various musks.
under the soil, grass, air can’t
breath itself, as musks in summer wind
naturally strangle its throat.
behind the musk and flesh,
some things are changed!
reaction may or may not happen,
but lives step out
as dews, grass, and baby plants.
sometimes our hearts become incited,
as disbanding wind and rain.
under the musk, ethics indicate
the true way of flowing red blood
in society. We seem to feel ourselves
as helping others.
through the labyrinth, we can create
a hallmark for serenity in society.
ceasing the din and feeling the penitence,
we can make ourselves serene
as a bluish lake.
from cacophony to distance stars,
if we feel ourselves, then eternity
crawls to our pacific house.

(Dilip Rakshit is a bilingual poet and a regular contributor to various literary journals in India. Currently a teacher of English literature, he is also a painter based in Durgapur, West Bengal. He can be reached via WhatsApp at 8918186238.)