CG Entertainment to broadcast ‘ Manka Kura with Basanta Chaudhary’

Kathmandu, December 21

Poet and entrepreneur  Basanta Chaudhary has announced that he will be hosting  ‘Manka Kura with Basanta Chaudhari’, an interview based program,  which will be broadcast through the official YouTube channel of CG Entertainment. The weekly program will be broadcast every Friday at 8 p.m. beginning from  December 22.

“Life is a journey. It involves many twists and turns. Yet, we should keep striving to reach our destination. And so I have been pursuing my literary path besides my business life.” said programme host Chaudhary  in an interview. He also said that he has tried express his experience and understanding of world through his literary creations.  With regard to the new program Chaudhary said, ” I now want to listen to your heard, your story.”

The program will involve interactive chats with notable persons from many disciplines. Harihar Sharma, co-chair of the group, stated that CG Entertainment has already established its own independent studio to create the program.

The first episode of the programme will be entertaining actress Manisha Koirala as its first guest.

Established its before 13 years, CG Entertainment has been has been producing and broadcasting various songs and  short films.  It has now started its own YouTube channel through which it will broadcast its this upcoming program and various materials.