Nature and Life

Bikash Acharya From early beginning till this day Capturing many wishes in mind Our life is struggling! Perhaps, Many Boundless ambitions And some boxes of

My First English Poem

Khusi Khanal (The given poem is the author’s first English poem composed on July 16, 2023) Today the rice, Was very nice. On this day,

The Insects

Taijas Sharma They found land They found tree They found fungus Under the roots guarantee They felt lucky to see expanding their family They played

Dear Nature

Nihaarika Pathi Oh dear night! Overwhelm me in your darkness. Let me fade away and discover myself. Oh dear twinkling star! Give me your ray,

Who am I?

Saudamini Chalise Trapped in a Physical encasement Of gender Who am I? Searching and seeking From within the secret code of the celestial ballads Who

I ain’t Buddha

Baskota Dhananjaya Gentlemen, I ain’t Buddha Hunted the pigeons Flown early morning By the imported Guleli and Matangra And I declared- They’re regressive For thousands

The Poetry of Fortune

Suresh Rai It is said that they meet at infinity two parallel lines. He, the believer waited years and years believing so, believing it blindly.

The Nature of Poem

Prasoon Paudel  Without poems, the world is blank, An empty canvas waiting to be filled, Creativity growing, waiting to be milled, Courage ripening, waiting to

Martyr Says

Sibu Dhakal Knock me down break me down as you destroyed the power crown. I was wronged I was bound in a statue and my

Modern Prometheus

Rajesh Sapkota Someone asked me, What are you waiting for? My rejoinder; Waiting for my deferred dream; The dream of modern Prometheus! Ancient Hellenic civilization;