Manu Sister

Hari Bhakta Katuwal Ugh! Enough of this rainfall. It’s been almost three days; it has not ceased yet. The brassy sound of the eavesdrops falling

Mr. Wang

Saurav Karki Mr. Wang was not only my mentor; he was also my best companion. I hadn’t seen such a humble personality in my past

Ominous Saturdays

Sanjiwan Pradhan Dhanmaya shook herself awake from a bad dream— as vivid and haunting as a painting etched onto the canvas of her unconsciousness. It

A suspicious Corpse

Kamal Kanta Dhungel At the end of every academic year, the top five students from BNB University (From the department of biology) of Brazil are

 Testing the Taste of Temper 

Sharad Nirola  Heaven only knows why I always happen to stumble upon people who have no business to be anywhere near me. One such gentleman

The Enemy

Bishweshar Prasad Koirala Trans: Mahesh Paudyal   IF THE PHRASE ‘apple of the eye’ held good for anyone, it was certainly for Krishna Ray. Forty-five

Hu-la-la-lu, Hu-la-la-hu!

Eagam Khaling, Darjeeling A couple went to the market with their little son, leaving the house assistant alone. But the husband suddenly went missing in

Towards Madhes

Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala IT WAS NOW morning at the confluence of the Sunkoshi and the Tamakoshi rivers. The Sunkoshi flowed down from the north with

Marx in Dreams

 Rajendra Parajuli The slumber of Lal Prasad snapped suddenly. ‘It’s hardly 3 o’clock at night,’ he said, checking the time on his expensive Romanson watch

The Stranger’s Bag

Krishna Dharabasi It was already twilight when I reached home from the office. It was an everyday story—exchanging views about the office, the government, and