Death and Consciousness Dramatized

Mahesh Paudyal Engagement with death on a philosophical plane has always been a matter of fascination for poets. Ritual treatment of death as an ultimate

The Enemy

Bishweshar Prasad Koirala Trans: Mahesh Paudyal   IF THE PHRASE ‘apple of the eye’ held good for anyone, it was certainly for Krishna Ray. Forty-five

Was Motiram’s Haribadani a ‘Slut’?

Pushkar Lohani After Motiram Bhatta did the initial task of lending a new turn to the Medieval tradition of amorous writing, other critics came forward

Towards Madhes

Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala IT WAS NOW morning at the confluence of the Sunkoshi and the Tamakoshi rivers. The Sunkoshi flowed down from the north with

The Stranger’s Bag

Krishna Dharabasi It was already twilight when I reached home from the office. It was an everyday story—exchanging views about the office, the government, and

Dalli, My Friend

Yumita Rai It was mid-January. The fierce North-Western wind with its icy breath shrivelled every leaf of the Sal trees which covered most of the