The Power of Commitment

Dr. Buddhi Malla Famous motivational speaker Les Brown once said, ‘You need to make a commitment, and once you make it, then life will give

I Want to Smell My Birthplace Again

Prasoon Paudel  While I desperately want to go to Nepal, I can’t because of my school and especially because we are in the month of

In the Cave with Goats

Dr. Buddhi Malla After completing my SLC examinations, I found myself with several months of leisure time. SLC, often referred to as the Iron Gate

Take it Easy!

I have heard somewhere Charlie Chaplin saying, ‘I always cry when it is raining, and do you know why? It is because so that no

A Utopian Dream

– Deep Lamichhane – As citizens of Nepal, we once took great pride in our native land and considered her to be the ultimate Shangri-La,