Bimal Gurung Memorial Library Calls for Submissions: ‘Poet Bimal Gurung Literary Award’ and ’33rd National Poetry Festival’

Bimal Gurung Memorial Library has called for the submission of books for the ‘Poet Bimal Gurung Literary Award 2080’. The award that carries cash prize of 200,000 rupees aims to honor literary practitioners, writers, poets, and litterateurs from both Nepal and abroad for their contribution to Nepali literature.

In addition to the award, the Library has also called for poems to be submitted for the ’33rd National Poetry Festival’, which will be held on the occasion of Poet Bimal Gurung’s 53rd birth anniversary on Kartik 24 (November 9). Those wishing to join the National Poetry Festival are asked to email their Nepali poem to

Purna Bahadur Gurung, the chairman of the library operating committee, shared that his only son, poet and journalist Bimal Gurung, passed away at the age of 19 on Baisakh 24, 2048 (May 6, 1991) in Jukepani, Dhading. Following his son’s death, he established the Bimal Memorial Library in Dharan to serve Nepali literature.

The 81-year-old former British Army member, Purna Bahadur Gurung, said, “I am not a writer, author, or poet, just a rifleman. However, my association with Nepali literary figures has given me some knowledge of Nepali literature. Therefore, I request as many writers as possible to send their books for the Bimal Literary Award and as many poets as possible to submit their poems for the poetry festival.”

The committee’s vice-chairman, Pradeep Menyangbo, mentioned that poets, writers, and litterateurs interested in participating in the literary award should submit four copies of their work, published in Nepali language within 2080 B.S. (April 14, 2023, to April 12, 2024) by Ashwin 15, 2081 (October 1, 2024).

It is informed that citizens of any country whose literary works are in Nepali can participate in the award.

Previously, the Bimal Literary Award has been received by Naresh Kangmang for his war poetry collection ‘Teplayu’, Chandra Gurung for his poetry collection ‘Jab Ek Maanche Harauchha’, and Vijay Bantawa (from India) for his fiction ‘Mityangsa’.

Similarly, the winners standing first, second, and third in the poetry festival will receive cash prizes of 21,000 rupees, 18,000 rupees, and 17,000 rupees respectively, along with certificates.

According to the operating committee, the Bimal Literary Award and the prizes for the winning poets will be presented on Kartik 24, marking the 53rd birth anniversary of Poet Bimal Gurung.