Barbara Foundation Announces ‘Investigative Journalism Awards 2081’

Barbara Foundation has announced the ‘Investigative Journalism Award 2081’ to honor exceptional investigative reporting. With a prize pool of 2.5 million rupees, this award celebrates stories that uncover important issues and bring them to light.

The Foundation states that the submissions of investigative stories must have been published or aired between Baisakh 2079 and Chaitra 2080 across different platforms like newspapers, TV, radio, podcasts, or online.

The prizes of the award include 1.5 million rupees for first place, 700,000 rupees for second, and 300,000 rupees for third.

The winners will be announced on Baishakh 21 ( May 3). The announcement states that anyone, whether a journalist, publisher, or even a reader, can apply for the award. Participants are asked to clearly state their identity while sending the news story.

Barbara Foundation encourages all aspiring investigative journalists to submit their work and be part of this celebration of truth-seeking and impactful journalism.

The late Barbara Adams had instituted the award with the endowment fund of Rupees Ten lakhs (US $ 10,000) in order to promote investigative journalism, and through it, good governance and democratic norms and values in the Nepali society.