Banjara’s ‘Palak’ Launched

Kathmandu, June 6
SahityaPost Reporter 

Lokendra Banjara’s third ghazal collection Palak was launched in Kathmandu on Saturday. The collection was launched amid a public event by critic, songwriter and ghazalist Krishna Hari Baral, senior ghazalist Lalijan Rawal, author Banjara himself, renowned ghazalist Babu Tripathi and Bharat Poudel, Chair of the publishing firm, Page Turner.

Sharing his views during the panel discussion moderated by Babu Tripathi, Professor Baral said Lokendra’s ghazals are full of novel ideas and thoughts and most of them carry multiple meanings, as is expected of a good ghazal. He advised author Banjara to stick to rhythm, which in Baral’s view, have been violated in some of his ghazals. Ghazalist Lalijan Rawal said no ghazal can be imagined in a prosaic form, and the couplet, in a ghazal should have the same meter and rhythm. Judged against those criteria, Banjara’s ghazals, he observed, are worth-reading though he has tampered with the rule of rhythm, meter and length at places. He advised author Banjara to be watchful of these figures of speeches in the days to come. Author Banjara said he had been in the field for about two and a half decades, and would continue to invest his labor and dedication for the enrichment of Nepali Ghazal.

Palak is author Banjara’s third ghazal collection and has been launched by Page Turner. The book costs 350 rupees.