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Arjun Ghimire With the onset of autumn, joy and excitement dance in the breeze, Rain bids adieu, leaving roads pristine, in hues of green and

Death and Consciousness Dramatized

Mahesh Paudyal Engagement with death on a philosophical plane has always been a matter of fascination for poets. Ritual treatment of death as an ultimate

Seven Haikus

Ram Dayal Rakesh Decent Dashain Clear sky everywhere Enjoyable. *** Nice nature Gives new message Be thankful *** Be peaceful Every where  conflict Be humane.

Two Poems by Dr. Rattan Reule

My Meeting with Realities on the Foreign End The smell of my soil calls me back But I am in debt or under-desired The false

Time, Nightmares and Monologue

Mahesh Paudyal Years ago, I heard a voice in the thunder’s roar: ‘Step on razor blades and walk atop the mountain yonder; On the other

Head Honchos

Gabriel Bates There they go, walking self-importantly around the factory with their clean dress clothes and flimsy clipboards. Team leaders, supervisors, managers, and so on.