The Nature of Poem

Prasoon Paudel  Without poems, the world is blank, An empty canvas waiting to be filled, Creativity growing, waiting to be milled, Courage ripening, waiting to

Mr. Wang

Saurav Karki Mr. Wang was not only my mentor; he was also my best companion. I hadn’t seen such a humble personality in my past

Modern Prometheus

Rajesh Sapkota Someone asked me, What are you waiting for? My rejoinder; Waiting for my deferred dream; The dream of modern Prometheus! Ancient Hellenic civilization;

Poem: My Mother’s Belief

Suresh Rai When I was a child My mother said “Son! your share of rice sticks to the spoon and doesn’t fall on your plate,

A suspicious Corpse

Kamal Kanta Dhungel At the end of every academic year, the top five students from BNB University (From the department of biology) of Brazil are