Australian Edition of ‘Pratik’ Released


January 11, 2024

In a momentous cultural convergence, the Australian Ambassador to Nepal, Felicity Volk, and acclaimed poet Yuyutsu Sharma jointly inaugurated the exclusive Australian edition of the literary magazine Pratik, titled ‘Fire and Rain.’ The launch ceremony, held at the Australian Embassy, featured an array of poems, stories, and essays contributed by eminent Australian writers, encapsulating a profound collaboration between nations.

Pratik, a distinguished English literary magazine from Nepal, orchestrated this special edition in partnership with Asia Pacific Writers and Translators and Red Room Poetry.

The magazine boasts a stellar lineup of Australian literary talents, featuring poems by Alison J Barton, Dan Dinsey, Elif Sezen, Emilie Collyer, Jill Jones, Jude Aquilina, Peter Boyle, Rozanna Lilley, Anne-Marie Te Whiu, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Samuel Watson, Bebe Backhouse, Stephanie Green, and Jennifer Mackenzie. Complementing the poetic offerings are fiction and non-fiction pieces by Mags Webster, Chris Raja, Dean Kerrison, Gay Lynch, Indy Horobin, Patrick Allington, Sally Breen, Stephanie Green, and Shelley Kenigsberg. Elif Sezen and Aaron Chapman’s artistic contributions enrich the visual appeal of the magazine.

The thematic focus of ‘Fire and Rain’ delves into the realms of anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the relationship between the natural and urban worlds, exploring elements of violence and tenderness. Ambassador Volk, a distinguished novelist with works like ‘Lightning’ and ‘Desire Lines,’ emphasized the universality of human experience, regardless of geographical boundaries. She declared the Australian edition of Pratik as a gift to Nepal and the global audience, fostering a deeper understanding of Australian writers.

In addressing the contemporary challenges of war and climate change, Ambassador Volk underscored the importance of humanity. Yuyutsu Sharma, the editor of the special issue, hailed Ambassador Volk as a true ambassador of language, literature, and culture. He expressed confidence that the magazine would serve as a catalyst for enhanced bilateral cultural relations between Nepal and Australia, capturing visions of indigenous perspectives, climate change, and ancestral memory.

Sharma also enriched the ceremony by reciting three poignant poems from the special issue by Elif Sezen, Anne-Marie Te Whiu, and Bebe Backhouse. ‘Fire and Rain’ is now available in local bookstores and can be purchased internationally on online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Daraj, symbolizing a literary bridge connecting diverse cultures on a global stage.