As a Poet

Eladio Mora Chichilla

I am not as good as many others.
There are many better ones.

I just write what I feel,
that which inspires me,
that lets my soul fly
with the freedom of the condor in the Andean Alps.

I let myself be carried by the breeze, enjoy the freshness,
and sharpen my vision.

At the heights of my inspiration,
I refine my feelings
and write without rules to reach your heart.

(Translated by Santosh Kumar Pokharel from Spanish)

Eladio Mora Chichilla, a globally renowned poet and highly reputed declaimer and announcer, hails from Tabarcia, San José, Costa Rica. He has recited poems by renowned classical poets from around the world. Eladio Mora has also lent his voice to several poems of Santosh Kumar Pokharel. He has produced and shared his audio records of English poems of poet Pokharel into Spanish, reaching a global audience. At 86, Eladio Mora’s active engagement in literature deserves our deepest respect.