Animated Movie Shalina’s Teaser Released

English Sahityapost
Kathmandu, 31 July

The official teaser for animated Nepali movie Shalina: The Warrior Princess has been released. The movie is a computer animated fantasy film produced by Rainmaker Animation Academy.

Movie Salina is Nepal’s ever first animated movie, claims movie editor Shiva Puri. “The movie’s entire process of animation and technical work is being carried out in Nepal,” he claims. The movie tells the epic story of Princess who teams up with others and starts a journey to defeat the greatest witch. The production team informed that that the movie is completely made in Nepali language but will be released in English and Hindi versions too.

Tejas Raj Joshi along with Shruti Shrestha directs the movie Shalina which was edited by Shiva Puri in cooperation with Shruti Shrestha. The movie will be in the Nepali cinemas in 2023.