An Untold Love Story

The entire village was engulfed by Dashain fervor as if the atmosphere was turned red. Red clothes, red Teeka was making my eye more alluring. I was heading towards Birtamod from Budhabare to meet my relatives. I was in my motorbike. I felt very exhausted when I reached near Charali. So, I halt myself and entered a Hut named Mitho Mudka Tea Shop which was just across the taxi stand.

I ordered a mug of tea and submerged myself scrolling pictures on Facebook. The entire Facebook had become very glossy as it was occupied with Happy Dashain type of post. It looked as if the blessing wouldn’t work unless you upload pictures on Facebook. My cuppa arrived nearly twenty five minute later.

“Enjoy your tea sir.” A boy said in a smiling face.

I thanked him and took a sip. It was very hot so I let it cool. I again engaged in using mobile. While using mobile I was inhaling the aroma of the vapor. The fragrance was so invigorating that I couldn’t control myself and dared to take another sip though it was hot. As soon as I finished, I got fully energized. It freshened me up completely. I paid my bill and appreciated them for their nice service and left.

I turned towards right and entered the busy highway aiming to Birtamod. The road was very busy. The vehicular movement was so dense as if it is a river with swiftly flowing water. It was nearly an evening and the intense beam of headlight of the vehicles from the opposite side was trying to make me blind temporarily. It was very difficult to ride.

“Sometimes merely a bright light is inadequate to make things visible.” I murmured.

The crowd was very irritating and honking vehicles was adding more plights to my journey. The voyage was very cumbersome. The bike was moving with the tortoise’s speed of about 20kmph. The road was hardly visible due to the bright light from the opposite side.

As I reached near Dhaijan Chowk, I saw someone waving hand seeking help. I stopped my motorbike in the vicinity and found that a pretty girl was attempting to start her scooter. I glanced her from head to toe. She was very beautiful with pink T-shirt and blue jeans and blue sandals. Her gold chain, silver colored wrist watch and gold rings were adding more beauty to her. I got fidget and forget to speak immediately.

I heard her voice, “ Hello, could you help me?”

“What happened, umm…?” I spoke being confused what to address her.

“My scooter stopped suddenly and I tried everything however all went in vain.” She begged my help being frustrated with the scooter.

“Sure, let me try.” I assured her.

I had some experiences with the bikes and scooters so I tried for some time however all effort went in vain. I was sweating and became desperate.

Though I was acquainted with scooter but it seemed by wild goose chase. I couldn’t say I can’t do it. How a young boy could accept his failure in front of a pretty girl.

I thought for a win-win situation and said, “I think there is some major issue with it. It is growing dark and it isn’t a safe place for girl to stay alone here. If you don’t mind then it would be better to park scooter safely at a place and move with me. What do you say?”

She looked around and found that it was dark and group of goon-looking boys were strolling nearby. With no other options left she nodded and said, “Okay”

I helped her to park her scooter by the road in front of a grocery store.

I started my motorbike with the beautiful girl as my pillion.

“Where is your house?” I asked collecting courage in my heart.

“It is just on the way to the Bhadrapur road, near Machhapuchre Bank.” She replied.

Then I muted myself waiting her to ask same question for me.

“Umm….. Where is your house?” I heard this soon after my expectation.

“I am from Budhabare. It is just 1km off Budhabare Chowk towards the way to Jayapur.” I replied as fast as possible.

There was a small space between us though I realized her laugh while I replied.

“By the way what is your good name?” I asked.

She paused for a while and replied, “Rojila.”

Before she asked my introduction, we arrived at the Machhapuchre Bank. I regretted myself for moving my motorbike fast.

“Stop right there” She said.

I stopped there.

“Thank you so much for helping me. I must say goodbye.” She said waving her hand.

I was waiting her to ask my introduction however she started moving off.

As she reached a bit far she came back and asked,” I am so sorry. I forget to ask your name.”

“I am Ramesh.” I replied impromptu.

Then she said,” Thank you Ramesh. Bye.”

She left off taking my heart away.

My feeling was so volatile that it had evaporated immediately as she became off my sight.


I was attempting to penetrate the crowd of the students after the completion of entrance examination of  BBA.

“Hi! Ramesh” I heard a sweet voice from my back.

I got shocked. She was Rojila. She looked prettier than I saw her last time. She was in a maroon coloured kurta-suluwar with green coloured side bag and golden wristwatch. I was enthralled by her delicate attire, her hair, her face and her body structure.

“What a surprise? Are you here for entrance examination?” I asked being happy.

I wanted to hug her and say why you left off stealing heart from me. I was missing you very much dear Rojila but I couldn’t.

“Yes” She responded.

I cordially thanked god for bringing us back together.

I remembered astrologer saying we can’t change our fate. Whatever written inside the forehead can’t be altered. We are made for each other. God has set our journey together.

“What a coincidence?”  I said.

She thanked me again for my help that day.

Soon, we exchanged our mobile numbers.

The very next day afternoon, my phone rang while I was drinking tea.

The screen was blinking with name ROJILA.

Suddenly I picked it up.

“Our entrance result has been published.” She said.

“Wow! What about our result?” I asked hurriedly.

“You know, we both are eligible for admission.” She answered.

“Congratulation and thank you Rojila” I said.

“Same to you, Ramesh.” She replied.

“Can you come to college tomorrow so that we could discuss for admission procedure.” She requested

“You bet.” I said.

“Then see you tomorrow.” She hung up the phone.

The next day I reached the college at 7:30 AM but she hadn’t arrived yet.

I waited her in the cafeteria.

“Sorry, I am late.” She lamented approaching towards me.

“No problem.” I said.

We went to the account section and inquired all the formalities and procedures for the admission. We had to get admitted within ten days. Our classes were scheduled to start from the eleventh day.

Our friendship was growing stronger. We went to the Red Mug café in the Hanuman Complex and ordered two cuppa milk coffee and some pastries. We were talking and about to finish the coffee. Meanwhile, someone called her destroying our peaceful atmosphere.

As she hung up the phone she said, “I must go.”

I dropped her at Machhapuchre bank and drove away.


It was almost a month in our college. We were in the same class. We were now well acquainted with our likes, dislikes, best friends, culinary interest, favorite song, favorite writer, favorite subjects, favorite restaurant, favorite lectures as we had spent long time together including the virtual world. Sometimes, we used to chat till midnight, all focused on personal things and study but nothing more. However, she never talked me about her family. Whenever I asked her she changed the topic. We used to participate in various programs and social activities in the college together.

One day there was a blood donation camp in our college. I had already donated blood five times so I became interested in donating this time.

“Are you interested in donating blood, Rojila?” I asked her.

“I am very slim nearly 40Kg and I have never done it before. Can I……?” She paused being scared.

“Don’t worry. Nothing would happen. It makes our body refreshed. I am here with you. Try once, Okay. You won’t regret it.” I assured her.

She gave me consent though she was still in a dilemma.

First I donated the blood lying on the bed and she observed me closely. Then she collected courage and became ready.

I was standing by her side while she was laying for donation.

We took fruits and fruity together.

Meanwhile I asked her, “By the way what is your blood group?”

“It is O negative.” She replied.

“It’s a rare blood group and called universal donor.” I elaborated thinking that god is so clever that he has filled a pretty rarely found girl with a rare blood group.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.


“It will feel weak for some hours then you will be energized.” I assured her.

As usual I dropped her at the same spot and left for my home.


One day she didn’t attend college. This was the first time she was absent keeping me uninformed. I called her but her mobile was switched off. I became desperate. I called her many times. I sent her messages but couldn’t reach her.  At almost 9:00 pm I heard a beep in my mobile.

It was a message from Rojila. The screen showed the message:-

“Sorry Ramesh I didn’t get time to inform you. I am suffering from fever so I couldn’t attend classes for few days.”

I called her as soon as I received the message however the mobile was already switched off.

I replied through messenger:-

“Don’t worry. Take care and get recovered soon. I am waiting you.”

It was about twenty days she wasn’t appearing in the college. Her phone was continuously switched off and there was no green dot in her messenger. I was very worried of her and trying to reach her.

I inquired her friends in the college however nobody knew what’s going in her life and why she wasn’t coming to the college.

I received her message after a month. It was:-

Sorry Ramesh. We have relocated to Damak so I changed my college. Thank you so much for your support there. Our journey ends here.

I didn’t believe this message and immediately called her. She didn’t speak but sent a message:-

I can’t speak right now. Text me.

“Are you okay Rojila?” I wrote.

“Ya, I am fine.”She replied.

“Why didn’t you tell me about your relocation before?” I asked being desperate.

“It happened while I was sick and it happened immediately Ramesh.” she replied.

This time I trusted her words.

“Where are you now?” I asked.

“I am in Damak.” She replied.

“I want to meet you Rojila.” I said.


Initially she denied but as I insisted more she sent me the meeting point.

Next day I went to the location to see her. She was waiting me in a café named Fresh Tea Shop just across the Gorkha Department store. As I approached there, I was shocked by what I saw. She was changed from head to toe. Her hair style, her eyes, her delicate body and complexion, her clothing, her wristwatch.

“You have changed entirely, haven’t you? “ I asked.

“I fell sick for a long time and just recovering from dengue. So, it may be…..” She replied.

Her gesture was also changed. There was no dimple on her right chick.

I couldn’t understand how she changed so much.

Then I consoled myself thinking she could recover soon and become old Rojila.

“It’s okay Rojila. Get recovered soon.” I soothed her.

“Where are you studying now?” I asked.

She showed me her new college.

I then dropped her near the Nabil Bank and left off.



“What are you doing here?” Rojila got shocked when she saw me in her college.

“I am a new student here.” I replied.

She got confused and asked,” I didn’t get it, Ramesh?”

“Recently I am transferred to this college, Rojila.” I replied.

Rojila was in a what-to-do and what-to-say situation.

“Why did you do all this?” She asked.

“For you, Rojila.” I replied without thinking.

She felt awkward and couldn’t say a word.

“I am going to class.” She said and entered to her class without offering me to join class.

She wasn’t as happy as I supposed her to be. I was totally confused by her changed behavior.

Whenever I tried to spoke with her she moved off pretending some work. She didn’t join me in cafeteria. She always tried to get rid of me.

One day I asked her, “Are you same Rojila?”

“Ya, what’s wrong with me?” She said.

“Then why are you avoiding my company?” I asked.

“You did wrong. You shouldn’t have come here.” she replied and moved away.


It was fifth day I was in a new college and I was trying to persuade and talk to her however everything was going in vain. Meanwhile, I heard a girl saying Reshma by waving hands towards Rojina. Initially I thought it might be some other girl. But to my surprise she joined Rojina immediately. I didn’t get what’s going on around me.

I got Rojina alone in the cafeteria and asked, “Why that girl called you Reshma?”

“It’s my nickname. Don’t be serious Ramesh, Chill. It’s a dime a dozen. Many people have multifarious names as per the situation.” She answered.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with her answer.

Few days later my eyes accidently fell on her college ID card. I was bewildered by what I saw. The name was written Reshama which I didn’t mind. But the blood group was written as B negative.

I was pretty sure that Rojina had a blood group O negative. Then I decided to discuss with Rojina alias, Reshma.

I waited outside the gate as soon as the college was over and met her.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Rojina. What happened to you Ramesh?” She replied concealing her face.

“Tell me the truth. You aren’t Rojina, I am sure of it.” I asked being furious.

“I am her twin sister.” She replied.

“What?” I got shocked

“Where is Rojina?” I added further.

She started dropping tears from her eyes. She couldn’t utter a word for a moment. I soothed her and she said,  “she died of brain tumor.”

I got totally fidget and said,” Tell me it’s a lie.”

“Accept the truth Ramesh.” she lamented.

I couldn’t control myself and lost my sense. I felt like a huge meteorite hit me with a thud. I felt dizziness. Darkness hovered around me.

“Few months ago she became sick and went to hospital for check up. There doctor confirmed her brain tumor. It was too late for treatment when we reached for check up.” she added in a fringe voice.

“Oh my god! This is so wrong.” I started weeping and banged my hand on the road.

It is her plan not to make mingle in trouble as she knew you loved her very much and you can’t control yourself during that situation. So, she begged my help to get rid of you. During deathbed she was remembering you so much. Every day she scrolled Facebook looking your profile. I told her to inform you but she denied and promised me not to reveal this incident. She gave me her Facebook password and other mobile details before she died. When you texted me I replied that we had already relocated thinking that you forget my sister.

Without adding anything else she moved away wiping her eye with her hanky. I stayed there for nearly thirty minutes and regretted myself not understanding Rojina.

“I should have gone to her house.” I lamented inside and started my motorbike.

The very next day I left off Damak and moved to my home with huge pile of regrets and burdens in my heart.

“I will never forget my Roji. Your indelible picture is in my heart which never fades away.” I murmured.