Abhi Subedi’s ‘Forever Arriving’ Released

Professor Abhi Subedi has brought a collection of English poems titled ‘Forever Arriving’ that reflects his creative journey spanning over half a century.

The book was unveiled amid a programme attended by a galaxy of writers and literary aficionados here on Monday. The anthology, according to the poet, evokes different moments of his life’s journey.

Published by Mandala Book Point, the book comprises a total of 60 poems that catch the moods and emotions of different times and places.

“I have written poems in both English and Nepali, but I have written more in English,” said the poet. He recited a few of his poems and shared the stories and experiences behind creating them. “I gained exposure to English literature with my encounters with hippies,” recounted Subedi.

Professor Mohan Prasad Lohani said that the poet equated his creativity with performativity. “The anthology serves as an inspiration to aspiring poets and encourages them to read the poems for a better understanding of the artistic creativity.”

Dr. Arun Gupto said Abhi’s poems manifested profound and mysterious metaphors and romantic vision.

Motikala Subba Dewan, president of the Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA), said that Subedi’s poems traversed locations from Edinburgh, Scotland through Germany, Japan, Italy and many other countries to Nepal. She added that the poet did not stick to conventional poetic elements like simile and metaphor. “Instead, he chooses free verse for spontaneous expression of his feelings and thoughts.”

His style provides the freedom of expression and avoids binding to conventional modes of composing poems, she said. “Free verse is a powerful technique of expression. This is a reason why Subedi’s poems have natural expressions that directly revolt against societal norms, including patriarchy and prejudice prevalent in various forms.”

Dr. Shiva Rijal said that the spirit of the book’s title, ‘Forever Arriving’, resonates with Professor Subedi’s personality and temperament.