A Winter Morning in My Hills

Rachana ‘Anakar’

Through the window of my
cosy timber hut, I watch
the loafing clouds drifting over the hills
like giant eagles floating in the air,
far below, I see
the sleepy fogs dissipating lazily
revealing the dribbling roofs of the houses,
and the vernal dew-drops melting shyly
in the arms of the naughty sun.

Up above
beneath the blue heaven
meditates the majestic Kanchanjunga
clad  in white silk – an ascetic in silence,
down below
runs the turbulent Teesta
twisting and turning,
a slithering serpent
amidst the dell and the woods.

Shivering cypress and dripping pines
alongside the hills resemble
the drenched teenage girls
basking in the warm sun.
A  fish-pond beside my cottage
mirrors a piece of sky –
a  sheet of blue velvet indeed.

In this cool, breezy morning
I wish you could smell the aroma dancing up
from the cup of my hill’s garden fresh tea,
I wish you could see the wreaths of smoke rising up
from the chimneys of the huts of my little village,
I wish you could sketch the smiles
of the cheerful village children
on the canvas of your heart.

In this, cold  serene wintry morning
I wish you could enjoy the chill
of the frosted air in your breath,
I wish you could hear the lonely streams
singing the untold stories of my native land,
I wish you could fill your soul with
the bliss of my paradisal hills.
O! My beloved one!

Rachana ‘Anakar’ is a poet from Kurseong, West Bengal, India. A teacher by profession, she has three collections of poems to her credit, including one, Fragments in English. She has  also edited some of the Nepali literary magazines, and has published poems, stories, literary articles etc. in different magazines, books and daily newspapers. A life member of Gorkha Jana Pustakalay, Kurseong and  Triphala Rashtriya Pustakalay, Dhulabari Nepal, she is also a member and former secretary of Bloomfield Sub-Division Library, Kurseong.