A Truth

Jhallu Raju Prasad

I resist to moving away, but can’t.
I am reluctant to look there,
but I can’t help.

My stubborn mind shuns any ascent to a height
My delusion drives me away from the dale!

I said I won’t open a stile anymore
I said I won’t cross the edge of the front-yard

A river comes and madly confronting me
A landslide falls quite close to me
A thunderbolt strikes me on the chest!

Enough is enough, off with my shoes, I say
Enough is enough, off with my crown, I say
But a piece of the earth holds me back
A piece of the sky pulls me down

There is no God I claim
But a drongo leaves behind a quill
And darts away
I say there is no truth;
The same bird comes back
Reclaims its quill and flies away

What a predicament I am in!
How disheartened I am!
Deceiving myself again and again
Betraying myself again and again!

I have loved you, my life!
How many times shall I make this truth a lie?

[Translated by Khusi Dhakal]