A Simple Asset 

Jivan Dahal 

A simple asset
Everyone on the earth has
From the day of their birth,
Can be given to anyone
At anytime and anywhere.

A husband coming from his work,
Tired and bored,
With a wrinkled forehead,
Sunk in an ocean of sweat,
Brightens with a single asset.

An infuriated boss,
Roaring like a lion,
Reddened with dripping blood on his face,
Warning to fire right then,
Becomes cool with a simple asset.

An ever-chattering mother,
Grieving and groaning
About the carelessness, ignorance,
and disobedience of her children,
Appears loving with a simple asset.

A simple asset,
The solution to all problems,
Free and perpetual,
Just learn to give it: