A Plea to Mother Nature

Bibekanand Shah

Last night I dreamt:
All the killed flora and fauna,
United in a gathering,
Approached Mother Nature.
All knelt, bowed their heads,
And wept, cried,
Wailing deeply from the heart.
“What happened?” asked the
Infinite and Merciful Mother.
“They cruelly killed us
For their luxuries and taste,
They stole our homes,
And they’re still doing
The same with our children
Every day in great numbers.
They’ve developed technologies;
They’ve created many weapons;
They’ve poisoned our home
With filth and smoke all around.
They’re erasing our species:
Cutting and killing ruthlessly.
They’ve gone mad with power,
They think the earth is only their
Own house, everything for them,
And even us,
They claim we’re created for them,
But we aren’t, are we?
All in the house are brothers,
As we all are your offspring,
And we respect the relation;
We do not harm them,
Instead, we always supported,
Provided what they needed,
And are still doing so….
But blessed with intellect,
They are misusing it to hunt us.
Oh Mother! Have mercy! Save us!
Please save our children, save us!
“Worry not, children, I’ll do justice.
I’ll regenerate you,
In a good, green, and safe house,
But before that, I’ll punish all my
Culprit children who breached my
Rules and tortured you so ruthlessly.
I am sending my powerful sons:
The Sun, The Storm, The Flood,
The Hurricane, The Drought.
They’ll invade them, they’ll
Burn, steal water, cause floods,
Create chaos with storms,
And torment their minds first,
With mass insanity, mass madness,
And then with war: killing each other.
I’ll withhold rain, grain, agriculture;
They’ll die from lack of water, food,
From disease, and in every way
They killed you and are killing
Your children. There will be justice.
“No sins will go unpunished.”
They have to pay for each action.