A Plea for Peace

Stanslaus Kyando

I have become fed up
With the bad things happening around the world.
I’m sick of hearing the bad news,
The bloodshed, and the spreading of hatred all over the world.
I’m tired of watching dead bodies lying on the ground
And seeing innocent people injured.

I feel great pain from the bottom of my heart
And the depth of my soul
When I see the relatives and friends of the victims crying.
It makes me sad, and tears fall from my eyes.
It makes me think: When is this going to come to an end?
When are we going to have the life we want?
When are we going to have the peaceful life
We’ve heard of but never seen?

Whenever I think about simple things,
Like people loving each other and working together
To have peace among us, it makes me smile
And gives me a little hope.
We want peace.

Sometimes I think to myself,
When I look at the other planets under the sun
And see most of them living a peaceful life,
Loving one another, and enjoying the same light from the sun.

I’m always sitting on my own, thinking,
Why can’t we have such a life?
All we want is to have a normal life,
To have fun, and enjoy our life,
Whether we are young or old.
Let’s make this dream come true and
Seek peace, for it’s the best solution for all.
Let’s at least love each other and live this life
We were given in the right way,
Because life is a way.
If we don’t look around once, we might lose it.

We all know that life is too short.
To live hating each other is like a cancer
That causes great pain and suffering all the time.
We really can love each other and live in harmony together,
Just like God planned.
Peace is living in our hands, which is why
We are joining our hands together strongly
To condemn terror attacks in any country in the world.
Terrorism, violence, and war are
Against peace and humanity.

Stop killing innocent people.

(Stanslaus Kyando, a poet from Tanzania, dedicates his work to writing anti-war poems that promote peace)