A Planet with Immortal Creatures

Kamal Kanta Dhungel 

Birox and Troda were talking when a mighty object accidently fell with a thud nearby. They exchanged few words in some computerized code language and immediately many other bizarre creatures clung together.

They ran towards the mishap zone with the grotesque and distinguishable rovers. Some rover had one wheel and the shape of dragonfly, some had two or three wheels and shaped like ant and many more.

As they reached the mishap spot they found a giant spaceship in blaze. Then a mighty guy named Z-3, who appeared to b the leader of that district, ordered something and all the creatures scattered around the burning spaceship. Some of them started blowing colorful gas from a pipe they had while others started entering the burning spaceship through its entrance by forcefully opening it.

The fire started calming down in a jiffy. And, some creatures came out of the spaceship carrying the bodies of peculiar alien some dead and few alive. They also carried corpse of their own friend killed during the rescue operation. Nevertheless, they didn’t wail.

” Five aliens are alive and three killed”, Z-3 said.

However no one cared about their immolated friends. Meanwhile an unconscious aliens gained consciousness and got bewildered by the bizarre world around him.

“Where am I now?” An alien named Intimo asked with his eyes wide open.

“You are in a planet named Vostro-19” Z-3 explained. He also explained how they arrived there and got rescued and also explained their toll.

” Where are you from?” he put forth his query.

“We are from planet Pirax in the galaxy Ranbit-22” Intimo replied in a fringe voice.

They became very mournful in hearing the lost of Vostrians during rescue. In contrast, all the Vostrians there started laughing?

“What’s the matter?” Intimo asked.

“See the corpse.”Z-3 said showing the corpse of Vostrians.

To his surprise, the corpse of the mummified Vostrians started shaking their appendages and eventually they erected and gradually regained their life.

“What a surprise” said Intimo.”How is this possible”.

“We are immortal creatures.” Z-3 vivified.

“What a bizarre universe” Intimo murmured.

They took all the Piraxians to a guest domicile lying nearby.

“I should quest this bizarre pigment that Vostrians have in their body which makes them immortal.” A bubble of thought penetrated Intimo’s brain.

He became very eager in implanting the pigment to make him immortal.

“If I became immortal like them then I could govern the inhabitants of Pirax forever. I would be the King forever there.” Intimo dreamt of notorious plan.

He also thought that he would do it very secretly and implant the pigment only in his body without giving any clue to his friends.

On the other hand, the honest and cooperative Vostrians were making a spaceship for them. It was nearly six months they were in the Vostro.

Next month the spaceship became ready and the Intimo left the planet Vostro with his friends. Z-3 arranged a mission commander named Sigma.

At this juncture every creature was cheerful and was talking besides Intimo who was planning something else.



During his previous mission Intimo had knot friendship with some aliens in the planet Alpha-3. He remembered his alien friends and contacted them for help. He discussed superficially with them about his mind-blowing notorious plan!!

He was told that Alpha-3 is very. It is nearly 16AU off from current location. He glanced on the dashboard and found that the fuel is inadequate. So he told his friends to come to him with new spaceship so that they could fetch him back to Alpha-3. They told Intimo to land on any planet in his vicinity as it could take nearly three months for them to reach him.

Now, Intimo thought for a moment to make Sigma take spaceship to the new planet. He then somehow broke the window pane of the spaceship while the friends were asleep and signaled Sigma that they are in danger.

“Now, what to do?” Sigma asked being scared.

“Let’s land on the Planet right ahead otherwise we cannot survive.”Intimo soothed him taking advantage of this crucial situation.

“Nice idea!” Sigma said and pioneered the spaceship as guided by the Intimo.


After nearly 50 days they reached over a safe planet which is about 11AU off Vostro, and landed the spaceship there. However due to substantial gravity of the planet the spaceship landed swiftly with a great thud. The planet was very bizarre. The entire world was red. The land, the trees, the creatures, and water everything was red. It is surprising that the sky itself was also bleeding. And the cloud itself was red.

Soon, a powerful storm blows across the planet As soon as the storm calmed down he noticed that they have changed to red. The spaceship, their skin and every other item with them became red.

“What a bizarre universe?” He murmured.

It was over forty days they were in the red world. One day, Intimo saw that his friends are in a deep sleep. Taking the advantage of this situation he injected them some toxic liquid to kill them. Then he captivated the commander Sigma in a cage which he had made secretly. He had also made a base camp and laboratory there.

Few days later, he saw a spaceship over the canopy. Firstly he surmised it to be some UFO moving haphazardly. But, it landed little far in the red world. Then, he remembered his friend from Alpha-3. He became very happy cordially.

”My plan is going to be successful.”He thought.

He gazed carefully and found that they were the friends from Alpha-3. As soon as they landed he approached near to them being happy. He hugged them and explained them about the pigment in Vostrians body that makes them immortal. He added further that he is going to extract the pigment from Sigma and implant in his body to make himself immortal. He also explained his ambitious plan to rule his world forever.

The aliens got bewildered by his words and shared some hard-to-decipher code words among themselves. Suddenly, things became upside down.

” You are now incarcerated. Thank you friend for guiding us to make ourselves immortal.” They said aiming their highly sophisticated weapons.

He realized his mistake. Now, the Alphians are going to implant the pigment in their body to make themselves immortal. Now, Intimo’s foul play goes against him. They tied him hardly with a rope and took Sigma to the laboratory to extract the pigment.

Meanwhile, another mighty spaceship was seen over the canopy. It hovered over the uncanny red planet to land.

“Who might they be?”Intimo thought.

The Alphians started firing towards the spaceship. On the other hand, there was a firing from the spaceship towards the aliens too. It was nearly two hours there was an open fire situation from the aliens and the spaceship. Most of the aliens were killed during the firing. And the leftover aliens ran off to protect themselves. Then the spaceship landed near the vicinity. Few bizarre, mighty creatures came out of the spaceship.

Intimo found that they were the group of ferocious Vostrians.

” we were chasing your spaceship as soon as we found that the spaceship is deviated from its predefined trajectory. We were keeping an eye on you through our tracking system hidden inside the spaceship bastard!” The Vostrians were screaming.

“Where are you bastard, Intimo? You deceived us. We won’t spare you?We are here to take revenge of your notorious activity?”The Vostrians screamed with sophisticated weapons with them.

Later he realized that they are the vostrians to kill him as he had abducted their mission commander Sigma. They looked very angry with him. He got very scared. He somehow untied the rope and ran away to protect himself from Vostrians.

“What a blunder? Had I destroyed the tracking system in the spaceship, they wouldn’t have located me.”He scolded himself.

“In contrary, if they hadn’t arrived on time then I would’ve killed.” He murmured.

He was in a Catch-22 situation. If he ran towards the forest then he is likely to be killed by Alphians and if he stayed there he would be engulfed by Vostrians.

At this time the Vostrians firstly released his friend, the mission commander,Sigma, from the captivity. And suddenly the two friends of Intimo also came out of the spaceship. They explained the Vostrians how Intimo tried to kill them.

They searched throughout the forest and caught Intimo.

He was shocked by what he saw.

”Are you still alive? How is it possible?”Intimo asked with his eyes wide open.

He thought that they were already killed by toxic dart.

“Don’t think all other people dumb, Intimo.We are not less smart than you are.”They replied.

“We had heard your conspiracy when you were communicating with your friends from Alpha-3. As soon as, we smell something fishy we checked your bag and found a bottle filled with toxic liquid. At that time we realized that you are going to kill us. So, we replaced that toxic liquid bottle with some edible liquid. During our voyage we were just pretending to be ignorant to unravel your entire notorious plan.”They replied in anger.

“I am so sorry guys it’s not me. It is a devil’s work guys.” Intimo lamented.

“We are not fool to fall in your new conspiracy.” His friends said in a chorus.

The Alphians who were hiding inside the forest nearby surrendered amongst the Vostrians.

“Our spaceship has been damaged heavily. Please help us to get rid of this strange planet.”The alien begged.

“You had attacked us. We were about to be killed. How come you seek support from us?”The friend of Intimo said.

“Forgive us it was all due to Intimo’s conspiracy. We were not as bad as Intimo . We just attempted to be immortal.”They lamented.

“There is some problem with our spaceship. It isn’t starting. What to do?” Vostrian new mission commander screamed.

“We have instruments to fix the problems of the spaceship. Can you let us help?”The Alphians said.

The Vostrians thought for a moment and they started fixing the spaceship together.

After few days they fix the spaceship.

“Tell me what you want to do with this savage Intimo.” Z-3 asked others.

Finally they left Intimo alone there destroying his base camp, laboratory, even his spaceship, left him to die and moved off.

“Please forgive me. Take me with you. Don’t leave me to die here.” Intimo requested. However, no one listened to him.

“Guys lets go with us and stay in our planet Vostro forever. We will inject you the pigment and make you guys immortal like us. What do you say?” Z-3 asked


With cheers they say,” why not? We are ready to be with such a kind-hearted and honest creatures. Let’s go.”

The spaceship moved swiftly off leaving behind a ferocious stream of smoke for Intimo.