A Peace Demeanor

Santosh Kumar Pokharel

Sometimes and somewhere
I feel that I am felt
And oft in other places
I am not even spelt.
I never mind that you do
For reading me I owe to you.
I owe, to you!

I knew in the hearts of many I dwelt
At times my rhymes their hearts melt
And I am sure they won’t any stones, pelt
on my head!
In case I get misled,
by humdrum thoughts mundane
That shouldn’t be anyway insane.

But a creator can his writing quit
And take refuge and peace pursuit
Turn mute as silence may pour
On my days, nights, and hours.
This will my soul beautify
Then why should I remain shy?

That much peace, for myself, I do deserve
And the majority of humans serve.

(Poet Santosh Kumar Pokharel has been found representing Nepal in the global literary platform as a multilingual World Poet. Pokharel, the winner of many international recognitions is an ardent peace activist. His writings are dedicated to peace, love and human hunger).