A Journey to Palpa Unveiled 

Suman Bhattarai

In the realm of Satanchuli, Palpa’s embrace,
Where a United Mission hospital became birthplace,
Cocooned in my mother’s loving arms,
No nurse, just the warmth of home’s charms.

In that fleeting moment, a sacred thread was cut,
By Dishuwa Bhauju’s hands, compassionate and astute,
Her blessings, like whispers from heaven above,
Infused my being with boundless love.

From that day forth, I became a Palpali by heart,
With Palpa’s essence coursing through every part,
Pedaling a brakeless bicycle with fearless zest,
Amidst Tansen’s playground, where freedom is expressed.

The tales of flying kites in Shrinagar’s grandeur,
Captivated my mind, sparking dreams to endure,
And in the roundhouse’s embrace, my heart found solace,
As Golghar’s artistry left an indelible trace.

Proudly I walked the halls of Sen School’s fame,
Where birth ties resonated, etched in every frame,
Palpa, a haven for countless explorers to roam,
A cradle of scholars, a place to call ‘home’.

In the land of Palpa, where legends reside,
There lies a symbol of love, a source of pride.
Rani Mahal, it’s called, a tale to be told,
A tribute to Tej Kumari, a love story unfold.
Like the famed Taj Mahal, with grace it stands,
Nestled by the banks of Kali Gandaki’s sands.
Its architecture, a world heritage so rare,
A testament to love, beyond compare.
In its hallowed halls, memories enshrined.
A symphony of love, a masterpiece’s part.

Tribhuvan Multiple Campus, a treasure profound,
Founded in 2011 B.S, its legacy is renowned.
Nurturing minds, wisdom’s fertile ground,
A majestic spectacle, adorned by lovers’ eyes,
A sanctuary of knowledge where passion flies.

Palpa Durbar, radiant with majestic gates,
Baggi Dhoka’s splendor, where history awaits,
A wooden pillar, hewn from a towering tree,
A masterpiece of Palpa’s exquisite artistry.

Within the Museum of Palpa, history finds a repose,
Preserved tales of the past, where heritage glows,
Now a potent emblem of Nepal’s sovereign might,
Palpa, a resplendent palace, bathed in regal light.

United in Nepal’s unification campaign’s call,
Sen Dynasty and the King, foundations for all,
Palpa, a vanguard in this noble mission,
Weaving unity’s fabric with steadfast conviction.

Palpa continues to unveil its hidden treasures,
A miniature Kathmandu, where history measures,
A statue preserved, a smaller image portrayed,
A testament to Palpa’s grandeur displayed.

As Kali Gandaki’s waters flow with fervent zeal,
Electricity’s radiance banishes darkness’ ordeal,
Millions find liberation in its illuminating glow,
A symphony of progress, a hopeful afterglow.

Within Palpa’s borders, castes and creeds unite,
Harmonious as a family, love’s pure light,
Diversity blooms, a vibrant tapestry unfurled,
Feeding every soul, embracing the world.

Palpa, like the cool water of Karuwa’s grace,
Symbolized by a bird, love’s eternal trace,
Palpaki Dhaka Topi, a crown of heritage so rare,
A badge of honor, a symbol all Nepalis wear.

Palpa, a jewel adorning every forehead’s space,
Kal Bhairav Temple’s timeless embrace,
A promise of happiness, prosperity’s gleam,
Everlasting benefits for future’s esteemed dream.

Cultural upliftment thrives within Palpa’s sphere,
Boundaries transcended, its essence sincere,
Beautiful destinations enchant each sojourner’s quest,
Internal tourism’s harmony, prosperity manifest.

Amidst Srinagar majestic hills, a scenic grandeur is unfurled,
Nestled within a community’s embrace, a precious world,
Palpa’s captivating charm, a heritage’s treasure trove,
Filling hearts with pride, a legacy that will forever rove.

Joy permeates Palpa’s society, like fragrant blooms,
A tapestry of colors, erasing all gloom.

[Suman Bhattarai is a poet from Bartung, Palpa. He currently lives in the UK.]