A Fairy Tale of Two Lovers

Kristy Raines

I always want to be the blooming flower of
the glittering touch within your dreams.
Like an illuminating fairy that enters the forest of your thoughts,
do not be bothered by the poems that now vanish,
because beautiful thoughts of hope have now replaced
your hopeless songs of sadness which used to plague you.
Your river of love now flows in rhythm with mine
as joyous waves become like a fierce storm of passion between us.
The hue of my form is like the blood that pumps through my veins
which I now use to write our eternal story of love,
A fairy tale of two lovers forever tied together by fate.

(Kristy Raines is a poet, writer and Human Rights Advocate from Oakland, California, USA. She has five books to be published this year.  One, a book of Epistolary Poetry with Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai from India, called, “I Cross my Heart from East to West”, two fantasy books of her own called, “Rings, Things and Butterfly Wings” and “Princess and The Lion”, an anthology of poems in English, “The Passion Within Me” and her Autobiography called ” My Very Anomalous Life”. Kristy  has also received numerous literary awards and recognition’s for her unique style of writing.)