A Battle of Caste

Nirdosh NP

No enemy I have
except CASTE !

Unseen but mighty enough
unlikely to be strangles,
impossible to imprison,
even the sword of Damocles fails
neither any Achilles destroys
nor it itself dies –

What an immortality it has!
A clan of Phoenix family.

Dear life,
is there any Little Boy left,
to drop over the realm of caste ?
If so,
I wanna kill my caste.

Oh! Does it die?

Yes, it does.

I don’t think,
The law is in your favour.

Hey! There is something else.

Poor poet, look!
The creators are silent.
Who attempts,
And how do you alone revolt?

Yes, I do.

The same souls in you believe in the ugly beliefs;
who accompanies you to go against it?
What is the way to run over the system?

If a single matchstick could burn the earth
why won’t I collapse the entire discourse?

Get rid of!
You mean,
you kill yourself ?
Shut up!
Let me be with you.
Keep patience.

My friend,
only patience
doesn’t stab the heart of caste !
One needs either an Ambedkar or a Kim Jong Un.

There is a black hole I’ve made,
go, search, find it out and toss
the CASTE into the dark shade.
Hey Stop! Stop! Stop! Open your eyes!
Doomed !
A battle of CASTE – break out!