March 25, 2024

Congratulations Friend Trampolim

Khusi Khanal  Congratulations, friend Trampoline, Even if your name is Joaquim. Congratulations, my dear friend, But you do not have a Navel in the end.

Sensual Fruition

Kishan Poudel Mind was rapacious. He started accumulating pelf keeping all five senses under disposal. After enduring much ache and throe, in the end, once

When Love Closes the Door

Maid Corbic  The last smoked cigarette on the ground remained while still silently observing everything around me people who walk happily with someone while only

Beyond BLOODSHED: A Voice of Humanity

Subash Singh Parajuli  Title: Book Review: “Beyond BLOODSHED” Published by: Ambar Publication India Price: 299 rupees ‘Beyond Bloodshed’ anthology is an extraordinary collection of global