July 27, 2023


Gaurav Ojha When did I lose what I had? Why do I still let that tiny hope linger in the darkness? As for you and me,

Deep Dive into Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’

Prajwal Thapa  Which book do you choose when you go to a library? Someone would say ‘self-help, political, educational or some other would say ‘thriller’,

A Single Blow

Hem Raj Khatiwada   Characters: Mridul (the head teacher of Green Field School) Jita (a teacher) Tulsi (Jita’s husband) Sharad (Jita’s son) Rishi (Tulsi’s big

Can a State be so Insensitive?

Sital Gyawali   The four wheeler turned left, fastening the spinning of its round legs as if it were in haste to reach the destination.

No Light in His Eyes

Ronak Dahal There is a man sitting on an empty bench wearing all dark People with colourful outfits have also come to the park The

Dhooswan Sayami: Writer par excellence

  – Sarad Pradhan Like many other Nepali writers brought up in bordering areas, Govinda Bahadur Manandhar popularly known as Dhooswan Sayami also began his