July 26, 2023

Seven Books Launched; Poets Honoured in Assam

English Sahityapost, July 26 A poetry festival was organized jointly by the Department of Language, Art and Culture of Cotton University and Indreni Publication on 22nd


Sushant Thapa I feel the message in a bottle That searches for a sea—to be found. Do you see your cityscapes waking up? The past


Pushpa Raj Paudel When rain beats the leaves of maize, That reiterates my childhood days, Amassing the falling hailstone, Tickled joyfully with little children. Sitting

Rising From the Ashes

Shreyash Ratna Shakya  From the ashes I emerge, Like a phoenix taking flight, From the ruins of my past, I soar into the light. Battling

Walking on the Road of Kathmandu

Bhawana Luitel I’m walking on the road of Kathmandu I feel silence in a crowd smell of mud And whispering wings I see hope in

That Sleepless Night

Kamal Kanta Dhungel An octogenarian with a face full of wrinkles, hairs, beard and mustache looks aged and has turned white. Each and every appendage

Love for a Butterfly 

Basudev Adhikari Though born of a larva, You  no longer remain one, butterfly! You got transmuted You have commenced a journey And have cuddled beauty I