June 21, 2023

The Son of My Dreams

PARIJAT My home stands beside the highway. More, my room stands facing the road. It has come to be a part of my daily routine


DG Sharma Translation:  Raja Puniani   the land where I breathed for years— how can it be called migration? immigration has become one’s own home

Ma Raison d’etre

Saudamini Sharma Chalise Radiating akin to a firefly I parade the panache of writing flare, I sashay ahead For that supernova, Which might conjure up

Human Unity Is No More!

Bhansingh Dhami Advertising terror and horror Among maps and minds Of different kinds Is an output of antique thoughts. Thus, humanity is no more. Are

A Notice about a Missing Boy

  Abeer Khaling A kid is missing from the village. He used to giggle like Christmas flower standing on the edge of field. Till yesterday